ADOBE Technical Services is one of the largest facility management service providers in the United Arab Emirates. Adobe focuses in residence, office and building maintenance and puts forward an extensive range of services that include masonry services, A/C maintenance, plumbing and sanitary, aesthetic wall painting, handyman services etc.

Wall & Masonry

  • Floor and wall tiling/panelling
  • Wall paper fixing
  • Partitions
  • False ceilings

Air Conditioning Ventilations

  • Air conditioning ventilations
  • Installation and maintenance
  • Installation of wardrobes, cabinets
  • Electro mechanical equipment installation

Plumbing and Sanitary

  • Cover all types of Plumbing
  • Sanitary Installations
  • Expertise Home
  • Commercial Plumbing

Paint services

  • Interior and Exterior Paints
  • Paint Retouch
  • Removal and Maintenance
  • Aesthetic Decor


  • Installation of Doors and windows
  • Furniture repair.
  • Installation of wardrobes, cabinets
  • Polish and maintenance

We are jack of all trades

  • Building and Window Cleaning
  • Repairs ,fixes Nails and Drills
  • Lights, bulbs, curtain rods, drapes, mirrors
  • You name it, we’ll do it!